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The Killing Collective

Longtime detective Stanford Carter and his wife, forensic scientist Jill Seacrest, have always felt one was the yin to the other's yang. Carter is formal, logical, detached and incredibly reserved. As team leader, he displays an unflagging commitment to duty, a keen sense of logic and strategy, and the poker face of a true champion. Despite his ardent desire to learn the secrets of the universe and its plan for us all, the introspective student of Zen demonstrates an extraordinary inability to understand himself or anyone else. Seacrest, on the other hand, is a scientific steamroller, often intimidating even the most seasoned veteran agents. Possessing a strong and fiery personality, her determination to find the truth often clashes with a quick and sarcastic wit, a fiery personality, and the tendency to leap before she looks. Together, they've made the tough decision to leave their home town of Boston to move to the Big Apple, where they have accepted new positions with the F.B.I.

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White Collar Woman 2: A Man's Appetite

Whether you were the Prey or the Predator, we all have experienced the Appetite of a Man in some shape or form. The indescribable connection between a man and woman can lead to a deadly web of lies, deceit, and infidelity. As you enter the lives of multiple relationships, you will find yourself connecting with someone in the story. Were you the one devoted, but was lied to? Or, are you the one playing games and creating ruckus? As we dig deeper, you learn that a (wo)man shares the same appetite. Once these two worlds collide, you experience a story like no other. From Author Nicholas L. Maze, we discover A Man’s Appetite. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0129QVFF6/ref=s eries_rw_dp_sw

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Meet Us- Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest and most important international trade fair for content and a major cultural event held in Germany. Publishing and media industry come together for this diverse and innovative cultural fest, which is held during October every year. Frankfurt book fair provides a wonderful platform for publishers from all over the world to showcase their new books and content, and for the industry’s experts in digital publishing. Moreover, this fair also serves as a meeting place for buying and selling media rights and licenses. Buttercup Publishing has been associated with the fair for a while now, and since the start of the journey it has always been an enriching and fruitful experience. The fair has always served as a place for business growth and expansion, meeting new contacts, development in the professional skills and discovering latest trends in book publishing. http://buttercuppublishing.co.uk/meetus-details.as px?srno=3

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Joel Goulet’s several novels are captivating, spel

Joel Goulet’s several novels are captivating, spellbinding, suspenseful, fun and entertaining All of multi-genre author Joel Goulet’s several novels are available in paperback and eBook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, wingsepress, doubledragon publishing, and other online booksellers (prices vary) His website has excerpts, full chapters, reviews. Some of the books are available with large print, audio. Here are snippets of some of his novels: ---- Thundering Vengeance: A black car with a powerful, fire spewing engine causes deadly accidents involving police officers. A sheriff’s department seeks to stop the car, but soon questions what they are chasing. The lethal car and its driver seem possessed. Nothing the police have done is able to stop the car. Then a mysterious man comes forward with information about the car. The jarring information and the man himself signal a clear warning that police best proceed with extreme caution.----- Silver Fox is a western novel; Haunti

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Diets & Weight Loss Program-The 7 Days Diet Diets & Weight Loss Program-The 7 Days Diet

Dieting can be a very tricky thing. Think about your own dieting journey. You may have lost the weight, then gained it back, and may or may not have lost it again. This is a normal problem that people have. The reason that people have this problem is because of how they look at dieting. Read More http://usa2.space/health-fitness/diets-weight-loss /7-days-diet.html

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