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It is not uncommon for one to experience problems after heat treating metals. Although it is one of the last stages during the manufacturing process, it is no less important. When done properly, heat treatment can alter the mechanical and physical properties of metals without changing their shape. When done wrong, the results are less than desirable. You want to ensure that the material is high-quality by avoiding steel heat treatment problems. Here is some information on common heat treatment problems and how to avoid them. OVERHEATING AND BURNING BRITTLENESS WRONG TYPE OF METAL WARPING AND DEFORMATION UNEVEN HARDNESS COOLING FRACTURES CONCLUSION: K.K. Metals is the forging manufacturing division of K.K. GROUP working with commercial clients in many industries. Our mission is to perform high-quality precision controlled heat treating to maximize productivity and lower manufacturing costs. For more information visit www.kkmetals.com

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Stub Axle and Trailer Axle Manufacturers in India

About: A stub axle is one of the two front axles that Carrie a wheel in a rear wheel drive vehicle. The stub axle consists of wheel bearings which support the wheel hub. The axle is capable of limited angular movement about the kingpin for steering the vehicle. It is interesting to know that Stub Axle resembles the shape of a stub, like a truncated end of an axle, short in shape and blunt and there for the name Stub Axle. KK Metals can manufacture excellent quality stub axles as per customer specifications. Our team’s rich experience of more than 50 years has produced billions of stub axles till date and are expert manufacturers of stub axle. Kindly send us your requirements related to stub axles here. We are forged stub axle manufacturer in India with very high-quality manufacturing facility. Our plant is ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 certified. Note: For more information visit www.kkmetals.com

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